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Adding Trim Moldings

Adding Trim Moldings

Trim moldings do add a great focal point to any interior design. The most popular trim moldings that are available on the market today are made from wood and come in a wide variety of widths, lengths and designs. These trim moldings can also be primed and ready for you to paint or stain right after purchase time.

Over time, trim moldings have become more cost effective and much easier to install. Whether the trim is being laid around the base of your walls, an additional trim molding can be added in the middle of the wall to break up all of the ‘white’ space. This will open up many design options. An example would be painting the top taupe while painting the bottom a soft brown color.

Trim moldings can also be cut in various ways to give your doorway a different look; one could outline different lighting fixtures or sconces on the wall. Plain windows can be easily dressed up by adding an intricately designed trim around them (or a plain trim depending on personal preference.) However creative you decide to get, the possibilities are endless when you take advantage of this inexpensive way to begin remodeling your home.

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