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Lakefront Home Painting New Construction Loon Lake, Washington 99148

Eastern Washington is an area rich with a network of amazing lakes and rivers. These areas have a large number of lake homes and vacation properties that retirees choose to call home.  Many of these are vacation homes that have been in the family for generations, and each summer they are used while families swim, boat, and fish. During the fall months, families gather to hunt deer and elk. Some return during the winter to take advantage of the awesome skiing and snowboarding available at 49 Degrees North. Regardless of the reason these folks come, or choose to live here, they all have something in common.  They want to enjoy their recreational activities and not worry about the condition of the home’s exterior or deck.  Enter Chewelah Painting, where we are known for lasting ‘paint jobs’.

Over the years, we have painted hundreds of lake homes. Lake and cabin properties can pose many challenges.  Some are on steep, difficult-to-access hillsides.  Some have 100 or more stairs to navigate just to make it to the back door.  Many, depending on exposure and proximity to the water, have a thick beard of growth or algae that must be completely removed prior to painting.  Others have neighbors very close, or trees and shrubs up against the house, making  access seem impossible.  We are good at accessing and safely working in just about any challenging situation that arises with your lake or recreation property.  We are also good and keeping your family and neighbors happy during the process.  You will love the Chewelah Painting experience.

Most of our customers indicated they choose Chewelah Painting over our competition based on our reputation of honesty, lasting work, and diverse service offerings.  Following is list of services we provide:  Interior and exterior painting, exterior staining, deck sanding and refinishing, carpentry services and rot repair, deck repair and construction, door and window installation, weatherproofing, log home staining and refinishing, pressure washing, dock staining, repair, and maintenance.

Through our sister company, Chewelah Electric, we are able to offer electrical troubleshooting and repairs, lighting installations, LED conversions, panel changes and service upgrades, generator installations and retrofits.

Don’t work all year just to take your vacation and work on your vacation home.  Call Chewelah Painting and get back to protecting your investment and enjoying your vacation with your family.

Waitts Lake, Loon Lake, Deer Lake, Eloika Lake, Diamond Lake, Deep Lake, Gillette Lake, Black Lake, Thomas Lake, Jump Off Joe Lake, Little Pend Oreille Lakes, Starvation Lake, Horseshoe Lake, Twin Lakes, Long Lake, Reflection Lake, West Medical Lake, Liberty Lake, Rock Lake, Lake Pend Oreille, and Little Spokane River. Lake Roosevelt including Seven Bays, Deer Meadows, Hansen Harbor, Rantz Marine Park, Lincoln, Rice, Gifford, Fruitland, and Porcupine Bay.  We also serve the Lake Coeur d’Alene and Sand Point areas.

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