Antique finishes for windows in Spokane Washington

Window Antiquing at Chewelah Painting

Window antiquing is a popular process and it can be a great way to revitalize a single room or your entire home. Giving an antique look to worn and weathered window frames, sills, and jambs can help revitalize the look and feel. Whether it is stains, paint, finishes, or sealants, we can give your windows the antique style and feel that you are looking for.

Our Window Antiquing

We take pride and stand by the work that we do for each and every one of our customers. We stand behind the work we do and promise to handle your project with the utmost care and attention to detail. Here at Chewelah Painting, we go above and beyond your expectations every time we begin a project. We offer services that can take care of all your window antiquing needs.

Adding a new life and visual appeal to your windows can be a simple and affordable way to revitalize your home. We have what you need for all of your window antiquing needs, large and small.

Designer paints for window casings Lincoln County

Window Casings by Chewelah Painting

Windows help provide character and visual appeal to a room and can remake the appearance of the home. They can help to improve light and air quality, and frame the views of the great outdoors. Windows help us enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while staying comfortable and cozy indoors. One of the ways this is achieved is with window casings.

Window Issues

When windows are not installed properly, a whole host of problems can result. Here at Chewelah, we understand the importance of proper window installation and will work to ensure it is done right and done right the first time. Our window casings are made of the highest quality materials and installed with our workmanship guarantee.

Window Installation

Our casings are properly installed and sealed to ensure a tight and secure fit for many years to come. Waterproof caulk, metal flashing, and other products are used with our window casings. If necessary, we can use several materials to ensure no water seeps in from the casing and window seams.

Windows can be a grand improvement to any home and when it comes to windows, casings, and installation work, you need an expert. So call Chewelah Painting and trust our experts to get the job done.

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Popcorn Ceiling Removal Spokane Washington

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Spokane Washington – Ferry, Whitman, Stevens County

Popcorn ceiling removal is not a simple task. They were popular years ago but in many cases contain asbestos. This requires removal by a licensed specialist or resurfacing.

Contact us to discuss the options and solutions. Testing is the first step to determine whether asbestos is contained. If not, popcorn ceiling removal presents much less of an arduous and expensive task.

The options include spraying or rolling paint or complete removal which leads into a remodeling and construction project.

Chewelah Painting and Remodeling provides residential and commercial interior and exterior painting, staining and renovation services in the Spokane Washington area including Whitman, Ferry and Stevens County.

Installation of window headers in Washington State, Spokane County

Window Headers and Installation by Chewelah Painting

Window Headers and Installation in Spokane Washington

New Windows can greatly increase the value and aesthetics any home. Good installation enhances the home but bad installation can cause major problems down the road. Window headers may seem like a very simple part of installation and design but they are very important to the overall look and soundness of the windows.

Window Headers

Window Headers and Installation in Spokane WashingtonHeaders are part of the basic framework. Located at the top of the  frame, they serve as additional support surrounding the wall area. Window headers work to keep the weight of the wall above from resting directly on the window. Without a properly installed header, they will not be able to open smoothly, you may experience settling, and cracking of the wall over time as the window is opened and closed.

Chewelah Window Headers

Here at Chewelah, we pride ourselves in providing quality and affordability to all of our customers. Trust us with all of your installation, refinishing, staining and painting work-whether big or small! Contact us today and discover how we can give new life to your windows today.

Window Headers and Installation in Spokane Washington

Chewelah Painting Provides interior and exterior painting and remodeling in the Spokane Washington local area including Ferry , Whitman and Stevens County.

Spokane door refinishing projects

Ugly Duck Door Refinishing Spokane Washington

Ugly Duck Door Refinishing

We provide Ugly Duck Door Refinishing including painting and staining. We can help you with your cabinets, windows, and flooring too.

Ugly Duck Warehouse in Spokane Washington has an extensive line of  wood doors that come ready to customize for your exterior or interior use. Find a door you like but not sure if you can finish it yourself? We are fully equipped to help you out whether it’s just one door or many.

From sanding to staining, painting or restoring doors and windows too, we can make it look perfect and match your decor. As a full service painting and remodeling company we can install your doors as well. Getting them finished and hung properly is critical.

Antiquing Rustic and Unique Doors

Many of the Ugly Duck products have fine detail requiring a unique skill to finish properly and look great. Too much stain settling in corners or in the detail will create dark areas distracting from the beauty of a door. Finish coats need to be uniform without any buildup. Our skilled craftsman will be able to provide you with a finished product that will stand the test of time. Of course if you are after an antique appearance, we can help there also.

Arts and Craft Fancy Glass Doors

Ugly Duck Door Refinishing Spokane WashingtonRefinishing with glass inlays and detailed woodwork require careful attention to detail. Ugly Duck as a full line on their website called Arts and Crafts Fancy Glass. These require precision detailing and finishing. No problem here.


We can help with your custom wood windows. Need a finish for matching all your interior and exterior windows and doors? We can complete the entire project at our facility.

Ugly Duck Door and Window Refinishing

We are based in Spokane Washington providing custom wood Refinishing. Purchasing an Ugly Duck Door and need a finished solution, give us a call today.

window installation in Spokane WA

Window Installation Spokane Washington

Window Installation

Windows can do a lot more than just let in light and break up the plain look of a wall. They help provide visual character to a room and the home, improve the light and air quality, and offer picturesque views from inside the home.

Window Installation Problems

However, if they are not correctly installed, windows can become major sites for leaking and penetration by rain or snowmelt. Here at Chewelah we know how important proper window installation is to you and your home, not just aesthetically but also in terms of your comfort and your home’s value.

Our Installation

This is why whenever we install windows, we makes sure to seal all edges of the window. We can use caulk, metal flashing, wraps, and several other materials to ensure your windows remain waterproof, even during the heaviest of rains or snows. In heavy water prone areas we can use a multitude of sealers to ensure that any water that gets past on will be stopped by another.

Windows are a great asset to any home and when you need windows installed, you want them done right the first time. So call Chewelah Painting and trust our experts to get the job done.

Window Installation in Spokane Washington

Chewelah Painting and remodeling provides window installation for residential homes and commercial properties in Spokane, Whitman, Ferry and Stevens County Washington.

window jam refinishing Spokane WA

Window Jams, Doors, Refinishing Spokane Washington

Window Jams, Doors, Refinishing Spokane Washington

Doors, Refinishing, Stains Spokane Washington Windows help improve the beauty, aesthetics, and appeal of a home and add character and life to a room. There are many important aspects of good window installation and set up that need to be addressed to keep your windows secured and working great for years to come. One of these important pieces acutely is barely ever seen or thought of, and that is the window jamb.

Window Jams

Window jams are the term that is given to the structural support of a window that is located in the frame. Jams are positioned at the top and sides of the window, in the framing of the window. They help support the windowpanes when the window is opened and helps keep the window on track.

Importance of Windows

Windows can help improve the look and feel of any home. When you need an expert to work on your window needs, call Chewelah Painting and trust us to work for you to get the job done.

Window Jams, Doors, Refinishing and Staining – Local Areas We Serve

Chewelah Painting restores and refinishing doors, window jams, sills, cabinets plus interior and exterior painting in  Spokane, Whitmen, Ferry and Stevens County Washington.

Doors, Refinishing, Stains Spokane Washington

window jam refinishing Spokane WA

Painting Windowsills In Spokane Washington

ainting Windowsills

Windows are a common and very important part of any home. Good installation can make new windows can value enhancing addition to your home. Bad installation can decrease the value of your home and lead to more expenses down the line. Many of the problems that can come from bad window installations originate with windowsill issues.

Staining, Refinishing and Painting WindowSills

Windowsills are the horizontal pieces of framework that are found at the top and bottom of the window. On the outside of the window, the sill helps to direct water away from the window to help minimize leaks. Inside, the windowsills work to give a ledge and are where many people put potted plants or sit to enjoy the views from the windows.

Chewelah Window Sill Work

Here at Chewelah, we take pride in giving you the highest quality possible at a great price. Trust us with your window maintenance and installation needs – whether big or small! We can give your windows the makeover you are looking for and make them more weather resistant, attractive, and functional. Contact us today and see what difference we can make for all of your window needs.

Painting Windowsills and Refinishing Woodwork – Services and Local Areas We Serve

We are based in the Spokane area serving residential and commercial customers. Whitman, Ferry and Stevens County.

In addition to refinishing and painting windowsills our services include

Painting Windowsills In Spokane Washington

Painting Windowsills In Spokane Washington

window jam refinishing Spokane WA

Window Staining in Spokane Washington

Window Staining in Spokane Washington

Windows add beauty and elegance to a room, can brighten dark areas of the home, bring in fresh air, and create beautiful focal points in the room. Adding a beautiful stain to wood window frames, ledges, sills, and jams can add even more beauty to your room. Trust Chewelah Painting with your window staining needs and see what a difference a few coats can make.

Staining Windows

Staining can create a clean and fresh look to your windows and make them pop. Use stains to darken or brighten wood to complement the existing design of the room. Window staining can take old and worn wood and make it look like new. Give your home a fresh new look with our quick and easy stain work and see how your room can go from drab to fab in a few simple steps.

Chewelah Window Staining

Here at Chewelah, quality and affordability are our primary concern. No project is too big or too small for our expert team. Contact us today and discover what we can do for your windows today.

Window Staining – Spokane Washington

Chewelah Painting provides a full range of door and window staining as well as distressed and antique refinishing in Ferry County, Whitman County, Stevens County, Coeur D’Alene, Priest lake .

wood deck refinishing in Seven Bays Washington

Lakefront Home Painting & Wood Deck Refinishing- Seven Bays, WA

Lakefront Home Painting Project

{Lake Roosevelt * Columbia River * Seven Bays, WA* Davenport, WA}


Materials Used:

  • Sherwin Williams Woodscapes stain
  • Siding: SW3034 Cedar
  • Trims: SW3046 Pine Cone
  • Post & Beams: SW3009 Pineneedle
  • Deck: Superdeck transparent stain -Canyon Brown


Lakefront home painting and deck refinishing by Chewelah Painting in Spokane Washington local Area. Wood deck refinishing in Ferry County, Stevens and Whitman County. In addition to wood deck sanding and refinishing our services also include log home refinishing, interior and exterior painting, roof coatings, concrete floor epoxy coatings  for residential and commercial properties. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a free coat. We look forward to hearing from you.