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Choosing the Right Six Panel Doors

Choosing the Right Six Panel Doors

One of the most popular doors found in homes today is the six panel door. When you want to give your interior a classic yet elegant look, the six panel door is often the perfect option. This type of door has been in homes for over a hundred years, and it is still a staple for many new home constructions.

A six panel door is sometimes referred to as a stile and rail door. There are three main components of the six panel door: the stiles, which run vertically along the door, the rails, which run horizontally above and below each set of panels, and the panels.

Doors made of real hardwood can be susceptible to swelling when the climate changes inside. Many six panel doors today are manmade and can hold up better than other door styles. The six panel door has great flexibility that allows it to adjust to changes in humidity. This prevents the door from sticking or even cracking.

Six panel doors also provide a great look because of the way they can catch the light. Depending on the lighting and shadows in a given space, the doors can add a three-dimensional feel. If you are in the market for new six panel doors, Chewelah Painting can help you choose and refinish the best option for you.

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