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Different Types of Stair Balusters

Most staircases that you see within a home will feature balusters. Some may be made out of wood while others may be made out of iron. The modern craze now is homes that feature a wooden railing with iron balusters. This offers a unique but very elegant look. Iron balusters can be made very ornate or plain and simple, depending on the style of the homeowner. Many larger homes have designer staircases, which add value to the home but also create a different level of sophistication.

For those who do not know, balusters are the vertical posts underneath the handrail that connect to the stairs. Many people may be under the preconceived notion that they are there for design purposes but in all actuality, they are a safety feature! There may come a time when you decide to redo your staircase or just makeover the current one you have.

A quick upgrade and cost effective change would be to add iron balusters or paints/stain your current ones a different color. If you decide to change out the balusters, there are many design options that you will find complimentary to the railings you already have. This is an easy way to make over a foyer area without overdoing it.

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