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Distressed Stair Creations at Chewelah Painting

Creating a distressed stair look can add a unique look and charm to your staircase. We can take your regular set of stairs and transform them into a beautifully worn and rugged staircase. Many homeowners like the rugged look of distressed stairs and seek to duplicate the aged and worn look on new stairs.

The Process Made Easy

This can be a difficult process and a hard look to achieve. That is where our skilled and experienced team of professionals can help you achieve the look you desire for your home. Whether it is a small set of stairs or a long multi-level staircase, Chewelah Painting can help.

Trust Us With Your Stairs

Give your home the warm look you desire and achieve that look you are searching for quickly and easily with a distressed stair work over by Chewelah Painting. We can help you make that new staircase fit in with the rest of your home’s existing look.

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