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Finishing Your Stair Treads

Finishing Your Stair Treads

When it comes to any home improvement project, the finishing phase is the most exciting time because you can see how beautiful the outcome is. When stair builders come to the finishing phase, it includes much more than sanding and sweeping the stairs down for use. This is where stair treads come in, connecting them, staining them and then choosing a top coat.

Once a set of stairs has been sanded down, they need to be double checked when the stair treads are being placed. Professionals ensure that there are no rough edges and everything will be even. When it comes time to stain the stairs, a color must be chosen. It is suggested to think about the amount of traffic the stairs will get and what color the other trim is around the home.

Staining the stairs as quickly as possible while still maintaining equal amounts of placement will help in making sure the color will be the same throughout the process. Oil based stains have proven to stand the test of time and tend to be more durable than water based stains. Once the stairs have been stained, it is important to lay a good layer of topcoat. Whichever color scheme you choose, building a beautiful staircase is a process and no step should be overlooked.

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