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Log Home Restoration and Refinishing

Log Home Restoration and Refinishing in Washington State

Generally, all log homes will require surface maintenance for protection from outside elements and wood preservation. You can test the finish to determine if it is time for log home restoration or refinishing. A simple test is to spray a mist of water on the logs. If the water beads up, the finish is in good shape. However, if the water gets soaked up by the logs, it is time to call a professional log home refinishing contractor to safeguard your investment.

The right time for log home refinishing typically depends on different variables. Care during the initial preparation process and stain application is one factor. Additionally, severe weather exposure may require refinishing sooner rather than later.

Using a professional contractor improves your chances of getting the right type of finish. The contractor is not only skilled at refinishing, but can also give you tips on routine maintenance. Skill is required to know how to clean the surface properly before restoring the logs.

Restoration is another way to preserve the exterior of your log home. The before and after appearance of log home restoration reveals a tremendous improvement to preserving logs. Usually, the contractor will pressure wash the surface with special chemicals made specifically for wood.

Other log home restoration methods include using chinking and staining products. Chinking reduces utility costs by keeping air from infiltrating your home. Staining works best with cooperative weather and a low moisture content in the logs.

Log Home Restoration and Refinishing in Washington State

Log home restoration and refinishing in local areas including Ferry County, Whitman Count, Spokane, Coeur D’ Alene I and Priest Lake Idaho.

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