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Mix Things Up with Five Panel Shaker Doors

Panel doors often provide a classy touch to a home. While six panel doors are typically the most popular choice of interior doors, you might consider shaker doors for a more modern and unique look.

Shaker doors generally have square edges and no profiling; giving them a straight and clean look that adjusts well in a modern setting. Five panel shaker doors in particular can give a home a feel that is stylish and fresh.

While shaker doors have been around for awhile, they don’t have the same appearance they once had. One of the most fashionable looks for five panel shaker doors is adding a painted look rather than a more natural wood look. Five panel shaker doors look great in almost any color, with the flat edges adding a sleek finish to dark or light colors. Shaker doors are especially popular looks for kitchens and bathrooms.

Chewelah painting can help you choose the right shaker door and the right finish that will give your home the sleek and modern look you want.


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