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Painting Windowsills In Spokane Washington

Painting Windowsills In Spokane Washington

Painting Windowsills

Windows are a common and very important part of any home. Good installation can make new windows can value enhancing addition to your home. Bad installation can decrease the value of your home and lead to more expenses down the line. Many of the problems that can come from bad window installations originate with windowsill issues.

Staining, Refinishing and Painting Window Sills

Windowsills are the horizontal pieces of framework that are found at the top and bottom of the window. On the outside of the window, the sill helps to direct water away from the window to help minimize leaks. Inside, the windowsills work to give a ledge and are where many people put potted plants or sit to enjoy the views from the windows.

Chewelah Window Sill Work

Here at Chewelah, we take pride in giving you the highest quality possible at a great price. Trust us with your window maintenance and installation needs – whether big or small! We can give your windows the makeover you are looking for and make them more weather resistant, attractive, and functional. Contact us today and see what difference we can make for all of your window needs.

Painting Windowsills and Refinishing Woodwork – Services and Local Areas We Serve

We are based in the Spokane area serving residential and commercial customers. Whitman, Ferry and Stevens County.

In addition to refinishing and painting windowsills our services include

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