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The Molding Installation Process

The Molding Installation Process

Any home improvement project is a process but all of it is well worth it when you are able to take a glance and see how beautiful the outcome is. Adding trim molding and crown molding can change the look of a room instantaneously. Whether you decide to use pre-finished materials or stay the all-natural wood route is completely up to you.

Pre-finished moldings come in an array of colors and wood grains but if going with natural wood, you will have to choose what paint and/or stain you would like to use. There are water based and oil based stains that come in many different colors as well and can match almost every color scheme possible. Stain and paint is applied before attaching the pieces to the wall. This makes for less mess in the long run!

Each piece of trim needs to be properly measured to fit the room accordingly. When installing crown molding and adding trim around doorways and windows, angular precision cuts will have to be made to ensure a snug fit. It is general practice to start on one side or the room and work your way around. Each piece of molding is then securely fastened until the project is complete. That is a very brief explanation of what the installation process entails.

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