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Update Your Home By Antiquing Doors

Update Your Home By Antiquing Doors

While it might sound a bit backwards, the practice of antiquing doors might be just the ticket to update your home.

Antique doors help create a great mood of sophistication and style. Antiquing can be done to most doors. The antique look can be created in a variety of ways. Regardless of the method, the result is a door that looks aged in a beautiful way.

One of the best ways to achieve antiquing is by applying a dark glaze over a base coat. Antiquing doors is a process that requires a careful and steady hand. The glaze can be very tricky to work with, so it’s best to hire a professional with experience in antiquing.

If glazing is not quite the look you are going for, you can also try a crackle paint. This paint will give your door a cracked and weathered look that is natural and stylish. You need to be careful with your brush strokes to give the crackle an even and natural look.

If you want to give your home an updated touch through the great trend of antiquing doors, call Chewelah Painters to get the best and most natural look possible.

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