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Water Based or Oil Based Stair Stain

Water Based or Oil Based Stair Stain

No matter what home you go into, stairs are a great focal point and can be either decorative or plain. Stairs over time can become a scary situation if they are not properly taken care of. Most homeowners do not have the first clue as to how to fix a damaged set of stairs. Although the concept seems easy, it should be left to the professionals.

Once you have refurbished your stairs or had a new set built, it is time to choose the stair stain. Going with a complimentary color to the home and surrounding floors is suggested. It is important to think about the paint color scheme throughout the home as well as the color of the trim in the other areas of the house.

There are oil based and water based stains. Water based stains come in a larger variety of colors but is much thicker than oil based stain. Oil based stains tend to be darker in color but are known to withstand more abuse. Another thing to consider is how much stain the wood will absorb. Oil based stains tend to saturate the wood more deeply in comparison to water based stains.

It really comes down to personal preference and what look the homeowner is going for. There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ stair stain to choose. Remember to add a solid layer of poly topcoat to seal the deal!

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