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Wood Deck Refinishing

Wood Deck Refinishing Spokane

Revitalize Your Deck with Expert Refinishing

Deck refinishing transforms weathered and aged decks back to a like-new condition. At Chewelah Painting, we offer comprehensive solutions that are both effective and environmentally friendly.

Our Deck Refinishing Methods: A Closer Look

Explore our two main methods for bringing your deck back to life, each chosen for its effectiveness and sustainability.

  1. Pressure Washing & Chemicals Learn why we opt for eco-friendlier alternatives over the common industry method of using harsh chemicals and pressure washing, which can damage your deck and the environment.

  2. Deck Sanding: The Preferred Choice Discover how our meticulous sanding process removes damaged layers and prepares your deck for a flawless finish without the environmental impact of traditional methods.

Wood Deck Refinishing Services Spokane

Chewelah Painting's Specialized Refinishing Process

Superior Stain Application and Safety Measures
We apply stain meticulously to ensure even coverage and address safety concerns such as spontaneous combustion, especially important in Eastern Washington’s climate.

Post-Refinishing: Ready for Relaxation
Once we complete the refinishing, we’ll reset your furniture, leaving you to enjoy your beautifully restored deck and plan your next barbecue.

Protecting Your Investment: Wood Deck Maintenance
Maintaining your deck is crucial to extend its life and beauty. Learn about our ongoing maintenance services that keep your deck in top condition.

Our Wood Deck Refinishing Portfolio

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