Wood Deck Refinishing

Deck refinishing is the process of transforming a graying or black and weathered deck back towards a like-new condition. Typically, there are two methods of refinishing a deck: pressure washing with chemicals, and sanding. Both have their drawbacks.

Pressure Washing & Chemicals: Many companies employ this method, using chemical strippers and brighteners to remove finishes, and a pressure washer to blast them away. This process is hard on wood decks. The many chemicals being rinsed away are harsh for the environment and pollutes water tables and aquifers. When pressure washers are used to peel away gray UV damaged deck wood, the soft grain is blasted away leaving a hard, ribbed surface full of splinters. The splinters end up in your feet.

Deck Sanding: This method is a much better option than using chemicals. It will remove the gray UV-damaged layer of wood. If properly done, it will produce a smooth, even appearance. It is very labor-intensive and requires hours of hand sanding against the siding, the stairs and railings are time consuming and difficult to sand. The dust created from sanding creates a large mess of its own, and if not cleaned thoroughly and properly, finishes will fail within one year.

The better option is calling the Chewelah Painting Deck Team. Our process of deck refinishing employs both dust-free sanding and a mild wash with non-toxic neutralizers. We first secure all loose fasteners. Then with industry leading, dust-free deck sanding equipment, sand your decks back to smooth and beautiful. All those difficult areas…up against the house, the stairs and risers, all those little corners, the hand rails, we sand them all. Dust-free. A non-toxic wood cleaner blend is used to remove minor residual surface dust. This solution also restores appropriate pH levels and opens wood cells to better receive the stain once dry. We believe nothing more can be done to properly prepare a deck surface for stain.

We are good at applying stain- just the right amount. No light spots, no pooled and sticky areas where applied to heavy. Spontaneous combustion and fire hazards are serious concerns in Eastern Washington. Therefore, all stain rags and masking materials are properly disposed.

Furniture will be relocated back to your newly refinished wood deck and you can get back to worrying about what to put on the barbecue!

Liberty Lake deck work & refinishing Washington

Leaving wood decks unprotected can lead to serious damage from the Northwest climate. In most situations, untreated wood will not last more than half of the normal life expectancy. Over time, natural wood structures become vulnerable to algae, mildew, UV rays, tree sap, pollen and other conditions common to our area. Fortunately, there is a process and a company available to restore your wood deck to its former beauty.

Chewelah Painting has experienced workers who can perform wood deck refinishing as needed. We can clean and sand your wood deck to remove dirt accumulation and other substances that are dulling its shine. We can apply a premium coating that beautifies and protects the deck. Our work is guaranteed against peeling and other issues that can arise from using lower grade materials.

Wood Deck Refinishing And Maintenance

Our wood deck refinishing services combine sanding and washing the surface with non-toxic chemicals. We diligently check to make sure screws are secured properly.

Maintaining your wood deck is important to ensure it stays functional and beautiful for many years. Proper cleaning and sealing are two  things Chewelah Painting can do to help with the upkeep.

Exterior wood stairs in Stone Creek Camp refinish & stain

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