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Commercial Painting

Professional Commercial Painting

Chewelah Painting provides high-quality commercial painting services designed to enhance the aesthetics and protect your property. With expertise in a range of commercial coatings, including elastomeric and anti-graffiti options, we ensure that your business not only looks professional but is shielded against damage.

Tailored Solutions for Every Business

We select the best products for each project, backed by warranties from Chewelah Painting and the coating manufacturer. Our services are designed to meet the unique needs of each client, offering:

  • Green Painting Options: Choose from environmentally friendly low VOC and zero VOC paints that are better for your employees and customers, releasing fewer toxic chemicals into the atmosphere.
  • Interior Commercial Painting: We use the most durable products available to protect against the high volume of traffic typical in commercial settings, ensuring a lasting finish.

Transform Your Business Environment

What does the interior of your commercial building convey about your business? Whether it’s making it more inviting for clients or creating a workspace employees are proud of, Chewelah Painting is ready to deliver. Our services include:

  • Interior painting for commercial buildings
  • Safety painting for clear, visible markings
  • Mural painting to create a unique ambiance
  • Waterproofing and foundation sealing
  • Brick and stone cleaning and sealing
  • Hospital and medical facility painting

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