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Commercial Roof Coating Contractors Spokane Washington

Commercial Roof Coating Contractors

Commercial roof coating contractors serve a broad business base. Typical clients may include education institutions, healthcare facilities, airports and small business owners. These professional contractors will use major brands of roofing systems to guarantee the job is solid. Services offered for coating the roof include an initial inspection and waterproofing to protect the roof from moisture.

The cost to replace an old roof is significantly more than applying an affordable, durable coating. Generally, commercial roof coating contractors can extend the life of a roof without disruption to the productivity of a business. There are a number of roof coatings that can be applied during decent weather conditions. Some coatings perform better than others. The contractor will determine which one is best after an initial inspection.

The geographical location and type of roof determines how often a roof should be inspected. For instance, a gravel roof in a city that experiences high winds may need monthly inspections to check for corrosion.

Regular maintenance can help to extend the life of a roof. Little maintenance equals more money when a major problem occurs. Establishing a good maintenance program can help to reduce the expense of either replacing or coating the roof prematurely.

Business owners should hire  commercial roof coating contractors with demonstrated skill. This encourages a level of trust that the contractor will conduct a thorough inspection and make recommendations based on the results.

Commercial Roof Coating Contractors – Local Areas We Serve

Chewelah Painting are painting and commercial roof coating contractors in Spokane Washington serving customers in Ferry County, Whitman County, Coeur D’Alene and Priest Lake. In addition to roof coatings we install epoxy coatings, log home refinishing, wood decks, interior and exterior painting services. We also offer prefinishing services for furniture, doors and cabinets.

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