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Innovative Stair Risers

Innovative Stair Risers

Stair risers do not have to be a plain space as you see in most homes, with some scuffmarks on them from old sneakers. They can be used to create a new focal point for a room and a simple way to update your stairwell. More often than not, now you may notice that homeowners are coming up with new ideas to make their homes unique. Stair risers offer a great space to paint a neat pattern or add some inspiring words, maybe you would like to decorate with vinyl decals during the holidays; there are many options to choose from.

This might be the time that you would like to get your current risers refinished. Stair risers, over time are chipped, gouged and scraped by many objects throughout the day. They are not something most homeowners are thinking about on a daily basis. Take a look and see if there are some quick repairs that can be made and we will be glad to come out and give your stairs a makeover.

Decorating your stair risers can give you a whole new look and feel to your home just by adding some stain and simple fun patterns or designs, the options are limitless – be creative!

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