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Roof Coatings

Expert Commercial Roof Coatings in Spokane

Chewelah Painting employs industry-leading, factory-trained roofing contractors to deliver innovative roof coating solutions tailored for commercial, industrial, and residential properties. We pride ourselves on a robust reputation for providing fully warranted roofing services, each carefully adapted to meet the unique needs of different building structures.

Tailored Roofing Solutions for Every Structure

Our extensive experience helps us guide each customer to the best roofing solution, considering the ever-evolving industry standards and technologies. We stay updated with the latest certifications and innovations, including Factory Mutual, UL, and CRRC-certified products, ensuring we bring only the best to your project.

  1. Adaptive Roof Coating Applications: Our roofing systems are designed to be versatile, capable of being applied to virtually any aged but structurally sound roofing substrate. This adaptability allows us to effectively address your specific roofing challenges.

  2. Comprehensive Benefits of Roof Coatings:

    • Reflectivity: Increases the roof’s ability to reflect sunlight, substantially lowering air conditioning costs.
    • Maintainability: Makes ongoing roof maintenance easier and more cost-effective.
    • Sustainability: Extends the life of the existing roof, reducing the environmental impact by lowering energy consumption, cutting down pollution, and easing landfill burdens.

Chewelah Painting’s Commitment to Roofing Excellence

Our roofing contractors do not just apply coatings; they implement comprehensive roofing systems that include necessary primers and reinforcements. By enhancing the durability and functionality of your existing roof, we help you save on replacement costs and contribute to a more sustainable environment.

Choosing the Right Roof Coating System Before applying any coatings, our skilled professionals assess the specific needs of your building. Each coating system we apply is guaranteed for durability, ensuring that your investment is protected against leaks, utility inefficiencies, and other common roofing issues.

Your Trusted Commercial Roofing Contractor At Chewelah Painting, commitment to customer satisfaction is paramount. We provide dedicated support and superior customer service to ensure your roofing project exceeds expectations. Whether you need a reflective coating for a commercial building or a sustainable solution for an industrial complex, Chewelah Painting is your reliable partner in Spokane County.

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