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Update a Home with Refinished Flat Panel Doors

Update a Home with Refinished Flat Panel Doors

When a home starts to feel old or rundown on the inside, refinishing doors is often a quick and cost-effective fix for bringing a renewed beauty to your home. Even old flat panel doors can be refinished to make a home look exquisite. While some people may think they need to replace the flat panel doors, refinishing them is an excellent option that can give a home a new feel.

The first step in refinishing is removing the door. This can be done simply by removing the pins, which is the best option unless the hinges also need to be replaced or refinished. Removing the hinges can make it very difficult to put the door back into place.

A thorough sanding job is necessary before the refinishing phase. This will help even out the door and allow the new stain to stick better. Choosing the right stain will depend on the color of the other home d├ęcor and the look you want. A dark stain may be the best option to mask the age of the door. The hardware can also be updated through careful paintwork. Be sure to remove the hardware before painting it.

When it comes to refinishing flat panel doors and choosing the right way to stain them, trust Chewelah Painting to make your home beautiful again.

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